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While access to a wide range of funds is imperative for the independent financial adviser, a large fund range can possibly be counter-productive if there are no tools available to assist in fund selection.

On IFA Central, we provide several resources and tools to counter this much welcomed "problem" of having "too many" funds.

Apart from the research support that we provide, advisers will also have access to an intuitive online fund selector module to help narrow down a select list of funds to analyze and compare.

With filters such as "Asset Class", "Geographical Sectors", "Specialist Sectors" etc, advisers can zoom in on specific funds with ease.

After filtering for only the specific funds to focus on, the list would display important details that the adviser can then drill into for better comparison. The details shown include fund returns, 3-yr Risk Return Ratio and Sharpe Ratio.

From the Fund Selector, advisers can further choose to chart selected funds to make a graphical comparison which they can then present to their clients.

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